Sniper Elite Comes to Cardboard

August 19, 2020 - 11:22am

Rebellion Unplugged has announced a Kickstarter campaign for the board game version of the hit game video series, Sniper Elite.   This game is designed by Roger Tankersley and David Thompson, with David Turczi designing the solo mode.   The game plays 1-4 players, ages 16 and up, in 40-70 minutes.

Set during World War II,  Sniper Elite: The Board Game is a one vs many game in which one player (the sniper) must outwit the other players using his or her stealth and, if necessary, use violence against the players who are playing the guards trying to track down the sniper, all while trying to keep the noise to a minimum so as to not give away the his or her position.  The sniper has two objectives to fulfill in order to win the game.

This fully-funded Kickstarter campaign has about 2 weeks left.  The Kickstarter page features several video previews of the game.  There are also multiple stretch goals available, some of which have already been unlocked.  Be sure and check out the game’s page here. Sniper Elite: The Board Game is expected to deliver in September 2021.