Smirk & Laughter contains a Tesseract

July 21, 2022 - 2:20pm

Also a Spectacular announcement, publisher Smirk & Laughter has announced Tesseract by designer James Firnhaber. Tesseract is a cooperative game centered around a block of 64 custom d6 dice, 4x4x4. The dice come in 4 colors, and have the standard values of 1-6. Players take actions each turn with the goal to collectively bank 24 unique dice, one of each color and number. Possible actions on a turn include taking a visible die into their lab board, manipulating lab dice to a certain value, or exchanging laboratory dice with other players. Once a player has a set or run of 3 dice, either all the same color or all different colors, they may bank one of them to the matrix board. However, the Tesseract loses one die each turn, which becomes “primed”. If the Tesseract primes 3 identical valued dice, there is a breach. Too many breaches and the players lose. Collect all 24 possible values and colors of dice before the Tesseract empties or breaches 7 times to win.

Tesseract is scheduled to crowdfund on Kickstarter this October.

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