Sinbad's kids are drafting tiles in 1001 islands

January 14, 2022 - 1:33pm

Ludonate is reimplementing The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet in an upcoming family game titled 1001 islands. Two to five players take on the role of Sinbad's kids who have been dreaming of islands full of treasure, exotic animals, and dangerous bandits. Now you will travel to the green islands to fulfill your dreams through tile drafting and placement. Mechanically, there are two types of tiles players will acquire: Dream tiles and Island tiles. Players will draft Island tiles to build out their own individual island. Dream tiles add individual scoring conditions that can reward you for having certain things on your island. Once players have completed their 4 x 3 island and acquired 4 Dream tiles, the game moves to final scoring. Players will receive points based on their Dream tiles, plus one point for each palm tree, and one point for each combination of Rokh bird and egg. Then, the player with the most bandits on their island will lose one point per bandit. Some of the Island tiles have a magic lamp. If a player ever places a third magic lamp on their island, all of the magic lamp tiles flip over to the Genie side. 

Like its predecessor, 1001 islands is designed by the dynamic duo of Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala. It features art by Marie Cardouat, one of the primary artists for the Dixit series.