Siliconvania announced by WizKids

November 25, 2022 - 2:24am

“The Vampire Council is looking to hire a new city planner to turn Transylvania into the world's newest tech haven! The race is on to present to the Vampire Council the most organized plans for the city to renovate Transylvania into Siliconvania!”

Siliconvania from Reavers of Midgard and Flotilla designer J.B. Howell and publisher WizKids is first and foremost a tile laying game. Bid on tiles that give either immediate or end game effects, then place them in a growing 4x4 city grid. Or bid on specialist cards to gain new abilities. Additionally, collect a homey assortment of vampire and pet meeples to live in your city. After 8 rounds, the cities should be complete, and are scored for diversity, a network of blood banks, and proper housing for your vampires and specialists.

Siliconvania is for 2-5 players, features gorgeous artwork from The Mico (Mihajlo Dimitrievski), and is due out in April 2023.

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