Seriously?! A true 4X space experience that can be played in an hour?

April 20, 2022 - 11:28am

Grey Fox Games has launched a Gamefound campaign for Last Light, a game designed by the Dice Tower’s own Roy Cannaday.  Last Light is Roy’s first published game. The artwork for the game is supplied by Clark Miller and Christian Stain.  Last Light is for 2-4 players (base game only), ages 14 and up, and takes 45-75 minutes to play.  If the Infinity expansion is added to the game, it will play up to 8 players.

The object of Last Light is to be the player to gather the most light before the death of the universe.  Players will each choose a unique faction, each of which has individual powers, making them completely asymmetric.  On their turns, players will play action cards that allow them to either Research, Mine, Construct, Refresh, Trade or Command.  How these cards are played to the player’s strategic advantage is the key to the game.  Players must be prepared for constant changes as the board rotates - and sometimes places them into dangerous territory!  Do you have what it takes to capture the last light in the universe?

This fully-funded Gamefound project has a little over 2 weeks to go at the time of this writing.  Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower has given his thoughts on the game here.  In addition, on the campaign page itself, you will find links to the rule book, Tabletop Simulator, stretch goals, videos and more.  For further information on the game, be sure and check the Gamefound project page hereLast Light is expected to deliver in 2023.