Second edition of team social deduction game Forsaken Forest and expansion on KS

December 16, 2019 - 2:01am

The Forsaken Forest is a team based social deduction game by designer Alec Nezin, successfully funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours, back in May 2018. In Forsaken Forest, 4-12 players divide themselves into a larger group of Villagers and a smaller group of Forsaken. The Forsaken know which players are which, but the Villagers are left in the dark. Players start at the center of the forest board, with 8 possible destinations distributed around the board periphery by the Forsaken. The Villagers win if they find the Village destination and lose if they end up at the Void destination. The Forsaken win by killing Villagers. Each turn, players draw a card and play a card to discover locations, forge paths through the forest, attack each other and perform other actions. After 6 player turns, the forest has a turn, revealing an event card, one of which may be the onset of night. During night, the Forsaken mark players for sacrifice, ensuring death if they are not immediately saved. Like most social deduction games, the players also take on specific roles within their factions, such as the Navigator, the Oracle, the Wizard, and the Silencer. Each role confers a special ability to that player.

Publisher Forsaken  Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for the new revised second edition of Forsaken Forest, along with the first expansion, Spirit Uprising. This expansion adds another 10 roles and 92 cards to the already sizable game. Also included are 30 mandatory Wander cards, 10 new Forest Cards, 8 new Destinations, 8 Cult Night action cards, and 10 Encroaching Darkness Cards. As the name implies, Spirit Uprising gives more of a role to killed players, or spirits.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Forsaken Forest: Spirit Uprising continues through January 12, and the game is expected to ship in July 2020.

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