Save seals & whales from hunters in Ice Floes & Foes

June 25, 2021 - 3:57pm

Keep Exploring Games is bringing to Kickstarter a dexterity game about saving seals and whales from hunters. In Ice Floes & Foes, whale pieces, fishing boat pieces, and oddly shaped ice floe pieces fill up a raised circular game board. Hunter meeples and seals are placed on some of the ice floe pieces. On each player's turn, they push three ice floe pieces onto the game board, which will shove other pieces around, possibly shoving some pieces off the game board. Two to six players will score one point for each hunter or fishing boat they push off the game board, however their turn end immediately if they push a whale or seal off the board. 

Ice Floes & Foes is launching on Kickstarter on July 5th. The pledge levels will include a standard cardboard version for $22, and a deluxe acrylic version for $58. You can see the game in action, and the different versions in this promotional video. Ice Floes & Foes is designed by Kees MeisDennis Merkx with art by Thijs Rozema. A Kickstarter preview page is up if you would like to be notified upon launch.