The sage of Star Wars: Destiny comes to it's conclusion

January 21, 2020 - 3:06pm

Collectible games rise and fall, with the one notable exception being Magic the Gathering, and unfortunately the collectible dice game Star Wars: Destiny is coming to an end this year.  It has been over three years since it's release in 2016 and it has gotten great reviews as well as allowed players to play their favorites whether they are from the movies or TV series.  Fantasy Flight Games has also supported the game well with 8 sets of additional content having been released, with a 9th set rapidly approaching it's release.  But with the end of the game's support coming this year, Covert Missions will be the last set released for the game, and once stock of these runs it, that will be it.

To send off the game in style there will be two major events this year, the first being the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, taking place May 1st through 3rd at Fantasy Flight Game Center in Minnesota.  The second is an organized play kit called Echoes of Destiny, a kit that will allow stores to host a trilogy of sealed tournaments as well as a special tournament where participants will get a single copy of every card and die from the unreleased 10th set, Wild Horizons.  Retailers will be able to launch these events after the conclusion of the world championships.

You can find out more information on FFG's website, as well as order tickets for the championship, and read a short blog post from lead developer Jeremy Zwirn on the conclusion of the game.

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