Rotate your cards in Tether

November 29, 2022 - 1:00pm

New publisher, How to Steam Broccoli (that's really their name), has announced their first game, Tether, designed by Mark McGee (Kintsugi, Top Pop) with artwork from Eric Hibbeler (Trekking Through History, My Father's Work). 

Tether is about astronauts floating in space. It is a card game, where each card has a two-digit number. When the card is rotated in your hand the digits are flipped. For example, a 74 card, can rotate to become a 47 card. Throughout the game, you are trying to rotate the cards, stringing the cards together in your hand in order to order the cards correctly. 

Tether is scheduled to go to crowdfunding in February 2023.  It plays 2-4 players, 15-30 minutes, and ages 13+. 

Bonus Fact: The name of the company, Hpw to Steam Broccoli, comes from the idea that "when you steam broccoli just right the color is more vibrant and it's better, but if you overdo it or undercook it you won't capture all the goodness."

Jordan is a contributor at the Dice Tower, and has provided segments for Board Game Breakfast for many years. In life, Jordan loves ice cream, all things Star Wars, and when his dog just leaves him alone (also board games).