Roll Player Adventures offers a co-op campaign of dice manipulation

June 24, 2020 - 11:22am

The next game in the Roll Player universe is now on Kickstarter from Thunderworks Games. Roll Player Adventures offers 1-4 players the opportunity to continue past the character creation stage of a fantasy rpg.

In the popular, puzzly Roll Player, players engage in dice drafting and placement to create fantasy rpg characters. Characters have attribute goals and can gather equipment. Roll Player Adventures is a standalone game where players can use pregenerated characters or take characters imported from their game of Roll Player on a narrative campaign. On their journey, characters will have encounters that feature a narrative choice, which often will involve a skill check. Skill checks and combat are resolved by rolling a pool of dice in an effort to obtain specific results of dice numbers and colors. The attributes and equipment of the characters enable them to manipulate both the dice pool and the rolled results. Player encounter decisions and results will ripple through the campaign of branching storylines. The game has twelve adventure books and after each one players can spend gold and experience to advance their party for the next adventure. The campaign is replayable, giving players the opportunity to explore different paths of the narrative.

Roll Player Adventures is designed by Keith Matejka, Peter Andrew Ryan, and James William Ryan. The artwork, consistent with other games in the Roll Player universe, is by JJ Ariosa, Luis Francisco, Damien Mammoliti, Rainer Petter, Lucas Ribeiro, ShenFei, Stephen Kerr, and Veronika Fedorova. The Kickstarter campaign runs through July 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT. Check out the Roll Player Adventures Kickstarter project for more details.