Roll colored pencils in Takenokolor

November 27, 2022 - 11:57pm

Takenoko by designer Antoine Bauza is a super popular title about managing a garden, growing bamboo, and of course having that bamboo eaten by a panda. In Takenoko, players manage their actions - placing new garden tiles, moving the gardener, irrigating the fields, and moving the panda, all in order to fulfill goal cards.

Publisher Bombyx has teased a new roll-and-write version of this 2011 classic, and I use the term roll and write quite literally. In Takenokolor, co-designed by Bauza and Corentin Lebrat, players “roll” colored pencils, each with various symbols on their flat sides. One player grabs a colored pencil and fills in bamboo of the appropriate color on their sheet, which also has the matching symbol from the pencil. The next player gets to grab a remaining pencil, and so forth.

Takenokolor should release sometime in 2023.

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