Roll and write through the Himalayas in Trek 12

August 3, 2021 - 2:19pm

Pandasaurus Games has announced they are publishing Trek 12, a roll and write about traversing the Himalayas, originally released in 2020 by French publisher Lumberjacks Studio. There are three game modes. Players can compete on a single ascent sheet, players can compete in a three ascent expedition of increasing difficulty, or you can play solo against an automated opponent in either a single ascent or a three-ascent expedition. The game can accommodate as many players as you have ascent sheets for. 

Each ascent sheet contains 19 circles in an irregular pattern that varies how many other circles each circle is connected to. The game has two six-sided dice, a red die numbered 1 to 6 and a yellow die numbered 0 to 5. Each turn, the two dice are rolled and each player will write down a number in a circle on their sheet. The first number can be written in any circle on the sheet. Subsequent numbers must be adjacent to a circle with a number already written in it. The number each player writes can be:

  • the value of the lower die,
  • the value of the higher die,
  • the result of subtracting the lower die from the higher die,
  • the result of adding the two dice, or
  • the result of multiplying the two dice.

Players cannot use any of those options more than four times in a game. Players will score points for paths of consecutively numbered connected circles, referred to as fixed lines. Each circle can only be part of one fixed line. Players also will score points for connected circles with the same number, referred to as mapped zones. At the end of the game, players will receive negative points for each circle that is not part of a fixed line or a mapped zone. There are two types of circles on the ascent sheet, normal terrain and difficult terrain. If you place a 13 or higher in normal terrain or a 7 or higher in difficult terrain, then you will receive negative points. 

The expedition play mode adds assist cards, which are gear that can be claimed when you create a new mapped zone. These provide a special ability to use or can be turned in for points. Expedition play also includes 6 challenge envelopes. Each one has a milestone of creating a fixed line or mapped zone containing a specified number of circles. Achieving a milestone will unlock a surprise for the rest of the expedition. 

Trek 12 is designed by Bruno Cathala and Corentin Lebrat, with art by Jonathan Aucomte and Olivier Derouetteau.