Richard Garfield's Hive Mind gets a refresh

June 16, 2022 - 12:19pm

Calliope Games has announced a new publication of Richard Garfield's Hive Mind, originally published in 2016. In this party game for three to twelve players, a question is presented each round, and players write down answers in an attempt to match with as many other players as possible. Thus, it is not about getting the correct answer, but instead about getting the answer that the most other people also choose. For example, if the question was "what is the scariest insect?", then the best answer to write down might be spider, even though spiders are not insects. 

The new version of Hive Mind will include 1,800 questions, 900 of them new and 900 that also were in the 2016 publication. The title also features new artwork and gameplay tweaks to make the experience more streamlined. Earlier this year, Hive Mind received an IP coat of paint in Sailor Moon Crystal: Imposterous. The lineage of Richard Garfield's design goes back to the 1998 publication of his design What Were You Thinking?, published by Wizards of the Coast

Look for the new Hive Mind to make a retail release in Q4 2022.