Revisit Castle Wolfenstein in 3D again, this time at a table with friends

April 22, 2020 - 4:08am

Wolfenstein is a game series that has evolved a lot over the years, ever since it's original release in 1981 on the Apple II. Even though the series really took off later in 1992 with Wolfenstein 3D, it's never stopped trying to do something different at each generational leap. This is why Wolfenstein: The Board Game, published Archon Studio and on Kickstarter right now, is so intriguing: it keeps with the trend of trying something new and doing it boldly. Sure, this is at it's roots a cooperative dungeon crawl game with miniatures - not exactly breaking new ground there. What sets this apart is the resource management and stealth mechanisms the challenges rely on and the incredibly high quality components that do the core material justice.

 "Shoot your way through Nazi soldiers or sneak past the guards - it's up to you. Explore hidden areas, uncover the castle's secrets or stay focused on the mission. Work as a team of skilled hereoes, ready to combine forces and make the Nazis wish they had never won the war. Wreak havoc in the alls of Castle Wolfenstein with an arenal of super-powered weapons and defeat mighty bosses. Everything started here, in Castle Wolfenstein, and here it will end."

I can't mince words here; This game has 3D terrain and it looks incredible. It has an equally impressive price-tag, but the end result is a show-stopper and couldn't be any more appropriate for a Wolfenstein game - the series that popularized first-person shooters with eye-catching visuals multiple times over it's history. It's not all for show, though. The flow of the game is equally impressive, and offers many important choices each turn, such as how far to extend, when to take a shot, when to be stealthy, or to take the time to explore the hidden nooks and crannies to prepare. It's hard to deny that this thing has a lot of bite from both it's design to it's table presence, and the backers see it too as it's well beyond it's funding goal. If you'd like to check out Wolfenstein: The Board Game for yourself, check out the Kickstarter campaign page for full rules, video previews, photos, FAQ, and community feedback.

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