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June 14, 2022 - 6:50pm

MicroMacro: Crime City, the winner of the 2021 Spiel des Jahres award, is getting it's second standalone follow-up this year with MicroMacro: Crime City - All In

Each MicroMacro: Crime City game is played on a 75 x 110 cm black-and-white illustrated map. MicroMacro: Crime City - All In comes with 16 cases for players to cooperatively solve. In each case, players will receive cards that ask them to find something or someone on the map and connect sections of the map relevant to the case. The map depicts multiple points in time, so characters will appear on the map in different places, showing a connected chain of events. To help you catch every detail, MicroMacro: Crime City - All In includes a magnifying glass. Case cards include maturity symbols to help parents determine which stories are suitable for junior investigators. 

MicroMacro: Crime City, MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House, and MicroMacro: Crime City - All In are all designed by Johannes Sich and published by Pegasus Spiele and Edition Spielwiese.