Research and write about remarkable women in HerStory

November 1, 2022 - 8:38am

Underdog Games has released, HerStory, a new game designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, Danielle Reynolds, and Nick Bentley. Artwork is done by Eunice Adeyi and Cristina Aguirre

In HerStory, players take on the roles of authors, writing books about significant and remarkable women in history. Do research, write drafts, and complete chapters for your book to gain points. The game features set collection and engine building. Depending on what cards you collect throughout the game, they can combine with other cards to yield a ton of points by the end of the game. 

The production features 120 uniquely illustrated cards, player boards, and a neoprene playmat. The game is now available to purchase. HerStory plays 2-5 players, 30-60 minutes, and ages 8+. 

Jordan is a contributor at the Dice Tower, and has provided segments for Board Game Breakfast for many years. In life, Jordan loves ice cream, all things Star Wars, and when his dog just leaves him alone (also board games).