Renegade Studios announces Succulent

February 2, 2020 - 2:12am

“Your succulent garden is amazing! Through thoughtful selection, delicate pruning, and tireless care, you’ve earned a reputation as a master horticulturist.”

Renegade Game Studios has announced Succulent, a new tile-laying game from designer J. Alex Kevern (Gold West, Sentient). In Succulent, players compete to create the most the most lucrative and prestigious projects by collecting cuttings and water crystals, cementing your position as the community’s premier succulent gardener. 2-4 players use their greenhouses to design gardens and complete projects, trying to optimize their game each turn through set collection and engine building. Succulent features stunning artwork from Anna Daviscourt, and is designed to play in 45-60 minutes. The game comes with 8 garden plots, 68 flower beds, 54 droplets, 50 cuttings, 56 flowers, and 36 project cards. Look for Succulent at your local game store in May 2020. For more details, check out Renegade’s webpage on Succulent here.

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