Renegade Game Studios is reprinting Dead Men Tell No Tales

June 24, 2021 - 3:44pm

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new printing of Dead Men Tell No Tales. The cooperative game for 2-5 players was originally published in 2015 by Minion Games. Players take on the role of a pirate crew boarding Skelit's Revenge, a burning ship to loot a massive treasure. That treasure has been amassed by an undead skeleton crew. Players must contend with the flames consuming Skelit's Revenge, the hostile skeletons, and their own fatigue to grab the loot and return to their own ship. Player turns are resolved through a common action point system that allows players to pass actions to their teammates for greater effectiveness. The variable layout of Skelit's Revenge is unveiled as players explore, so no two games are the same.

Dead Men Tell No Tales is designed by Kane Klenko, with art by Jason D. Kingsley and Chris Ostrowski. Until recently, it has been in out of print limbo due to the untimely passing of Minion Games' founder James Mathe. The new printing by Renegade will include seven character miniatures that originally were sold as a separate add-on to replace wooden meeples in the base game. It will also have explosion tokens, which previously were expansion content. The game box will be slightly larger to accomodate the additional components, and the rulebook will be updated. Renegade is also publishing The Kraken expansion, the miniatures add-on, and a 1,000 piece puzzle of the box cover art. Order information is detailed in Renegade's announcement