Renegade Game Studio partners with Hasbro to publish classic Avalon Hill games

October 7, 2022 - 11:30am

Since Renegade Game Studios was founded in 2014, they have earned a reputation of publishing or importing games that are fun, challenging, and unique. Some of their best known publications are: Clank!, Raiders of the North Sea, Fuse, and The Fox in the Forest.

In 2018, Renegade Game Studios entered into a business partnership with Hasbro by agreeing to run a Kickstarter project for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. Starting in 2020, Renegade expanded its partnership with Hasbro by publishing the Power Rangers: Deck Building Game and again in early 2022 with the G.I. Joe: Mission Critical game. And now, as announced on their blog on Oct 6, Renegade is once again expanding their licensing partnership with Hasbro to include some classic Avalon Hill games.

Beginning in 2023, Renegade Games Studios will start publishing hobby, mass-market, and specialty-market versions of Robo Rally, Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, and Squad Leader, which interestingly has not been available since Hasbro bought Avalon Hill. Renegade announced that versions of Robo Rally and Diplomacy would be available “soon” but no actual date was provided. In addition, Axis & Allies would be getting a full release treatment, including a new site for the game, world championships, reprinting of game staples and some long out of print editions, as well as allowing the fans of the game to pick themes for new releases.


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