Railway Boom is the next game from Yokohama and Trains designer Hisashi Hayashi

October 18, 2022 - 10:49am

Railway Boom from publisher OKAZU brand will debut at the 2022 Tokyo Game Market Autumn, being held October 29th-30th. In this heavy train game, two to five players will take on the role of industrialists in late 19th century Japan, competing to gain the most fame through the country's expanding railways. To succeed, you will need to manage four resources:

  • Money is used to build rail lines.
  • Materials are used to acquire better trains. 
  • Science is invested to acquire development cards.
  • Coal prevents your trains from falling into disrepair. 

Players will engage in auctions as they build out their network across the expansive hex-based map. Designer Hisashi Hayashi previously has suthored Yokohama and Trains.