Queen Games and Stefan Feld bring Kokopelli to KS

November 1, 2020 - 12:54am

“On his first trip to the United States in 2019, Stefan Feld visited the Southwest of the United States, and was inspired by the culture, architecture and artwork of the indigenous people groups there. He immediately wanted to design a game that would highlight these fascinating people and their contribution to the world.”

Queen Games and designer extraordinaire Stefan Feld (The Castles of Burgundy, Trajan) have started a new Kickstarter campaign for the board game Kokopelli. Kokopelli is a set collection card game themed on the indigenous peoples of the southwest United States, featuring great art from Markus Erdt. It should be noted that Queen Games released a statement regarding such theming:

“We understand that in representing a culture that is not the same as the members of our team, the greatest care must be shown to be respectful. Queen Games employs a PhD candidate with excellent academic research skills who will be continuing to work and consult with cultural insiders to ensure that to the best of our ability, we create a product that celebrates these cultures.”

In Kokopelli, 2-4 players each start with an identical deck of 42 cards. Each turn, they may play a card, starting a specific ceremony, on one of four spaces on their board. These ceremonies give the player an ongoing ability. Additionally, cards may be played to continue ceremonies on the two closest spaces of each of your neighbor’s boards. Points are awarded for playing the fourth card on a ceremony, completing it and ending the card’s ability. Whomever completes the ceremony earns victory points, regardless of whose board the ceremony is on.

Kokopelli comes with 192 ceremonial cards, 24 Kokopelli cards, 16 selection tiles, 4 player boards, 80 victory point tiles, summary cards, and a Game Trayz insert. The ceremonies expansion adds a further 108 ceremony cards, and 9 selection tiles. The Kickstarter campaign will continue through November 13, and the game is scheduled to deliver in June 2021.

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