Prove you're the better builder in Portal Games' reprint of Basilica

July 21, 2022 - 4:02pm

Portal Games has announced the reprint of Basilica by designer Lukasz M. Pogoda with artwork by Mariusz Gandzel and Lukasz M. Pogoda. The Basilica base game was originally published in 2010 by, as was the 2012 Festum Fatuorom expansion.

Basilica is a tile placement, area majority game where each player takes on the role of an architect overseeing the construction of a great cathedral. Players will place tiles to increase the size of the cathedral as well as place their builder pawns on the board in order to control areas to gain points. For this reason, the game has cheekily been referred to as "Carcassonne with Combat".

The Portal Games reprint of Basilica will contain a revamped game board, custom wooden pieces, and will include the expansion. For more information you can see Ignacy Trewiczek's announcement of the game on the Dice Tower’s Summer Spectacular – Mega Announcement Video.


Basilica is a game for two players, ages 14+, with an estimated playing time of 45 minutes. Basilica has a Fall, 2022 release date.

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