Promoted expansion for Good Cop Bad Cop live on KS

May 27, 2020 - 8:51pm

“911 what’s your emergency? Good Cop Bad Cop is back with a third expansion!”

Pull the Pin Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Good Cop Bad Cop’s 3rd expansion, Promoted. Good Cop Bad Cop (2014) by designers Brian Henk and Clayton Skancke is a beloved social deduction game in a world of honest and crooked police. 4-8 players are each dealt 3 hidden Alignment Cards, placed face down in front of them. If a player has more crooked alignment cards than honest, they are a crooked cop. However, the player holding the one Kingpin card is the leader of the crooked cops, regardless of the alignment of their other 2 cards. The Agent card likewise, makes a player the leader of the honest cops. Each turn, players may look at one of another player’s alignment cards. Players may pick up a gun and aim at another player, but to do so must reveal one alignment card. Players may take an equipment card, but again must reveal an alignment card. Players with an aimed gun may shoot, and if the Agent or the Kingpin is eliminated, the opposite side will win. Equipment cards make the game crazy fun and allow all sorts of shenanigans – exchanging of cards, healing of gunshot wounds, changing of gun aiming, etc.

The Promoted Expansion allows players to earn medals and promotions at the end of each game, effectively adding rules for playing a series of games. Medals are earned for winning games, and each has a random amount of victory points. The first, third and fifth medals earn a player a Promotion Card, which gives special actions to replace a normal turn. After 5 games, the player with the most victory points on medals emerges as supreme victor. The Promoted expansion also comes with 10 new equipment cards. The Kickstarter Campaign has options to purchase the 3rd edition of the base game, the previous 2 expansions Bombers & Traitors and Undercover, equipment packs, and a nice big box to hold it all in. The Kickstarter for Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted continues through June 25, and the expansion is expected to deliver in February 2021.

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