Portal Games announces Imperial Settlers Storage Box

March 17, 2020 - 7:15pm

Imperial Settlers, created by Portal Games dignitaries Maciej Obszański and Ignacy Trzewiczek in 2014, has been a massively influential game of recent years, and is ranked in the top 200 games on BoardGameGeek. Portal has continued to support Imperial Settlers with numerous expansions, including the Aztecs, the Atlanteans and the Amazons, as well as non-faction expansions We Didn’t Start the Fire, 3 is a Magic Number and more. While delightful, this has only led to the inevitable question, “Where do we put all this stuff?”

Fear no more, for Portal Games has opened pre-orders for the long-awaited Imperial Settlers Storage Box. This grand cardboard cube (30x30x14 cm) has plenty of room to store and organize all the bits and bobs that make Imperial Settlers great. One removable insert holds all the wooden and cardboard tokens needed during play, and two nested inserts hold all the cards and boards in an organized manner. And yes, the storage box contains room for either sleeved or unsleeved cards. The Storage Box comes either alone, or as a deluxe edition containing new one piece boards for the previously split Aztec, Atlantean and Amazon expansions, a single cohesive rulebook for the base game and all expansions, and 9 bonus cards with crossover art from it’s spiritual successor, Empires of the North.  

For pre-orders, check out the Portal Games website here. Storage boxes are expected to ship in quarter 4, 2020.

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