Plan B announces Century: Golem Edition - An Endless World

July 4, 2020 - 2:10pm

“The Summer of Golems continues! Plan B Games is overjoyed to welcome fans back to Caravania with the final chapter to the Century Golem Trilogy - Century: An Endless World!“

When Century Spice Road came out in 2017, the gaming world was immediately hooked on this admittedly very abstract cube-pusher. Designer Emerson Matsuuchi and publisher Plan B Games went one step further and announced that Century was to be a trilogy of games, all based on the simple mechanism of trading colored cubes for increasingly more valuable colored cubes. The team delivered with the popular releases of Century: Eastern Wonders (2018), which added a board, islands and ship movement to the equation, and Century: A New World (2019) which brought a form of worker placement into the mix.

However, in 2017 Century: Golem Edition was released, which had the same gameplay as Century: Spice Road, but used completely different, fantasy art from Justin ChanChris Quilliams, and Fernanda Suárez. The art in the Golem Edition was immediately celebrated, but the gaming community was confused as to whether this was a one-time edition, or if the entire trilogy was to have a Golem makeover. Sure enough, Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains was released in 2019, using the same island hopping board from Century: Eastern Wonders, bringing back Atha Kanaani and Chris Quilliams’ wonderful Golems.

And now, Plan B Games has announced Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World, the “Golem” version of the final game in the Century trilogy. Again Chris Quilliams’ magnificent artwork stands center stage, while this installment uses a board of action spaces, each able to convert those coveted colored cubes. Each action space requires a certain number of a players’ limited workers to activate. Cubes are used to purchase cards for points, in addition to bonuses and discounts to further actions.

Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World will be available Q4 2020, coming directly to retailers. As with all of the Golem games, a neoprene playmat will also be available. For more info, check out Plan B’s website on Endless World here.

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