Pegasus Spiele announces Bookworm: The Card Game and Dice Game

March 4, 2020 - 12:47am

“The all-knowing bookworm is back in a bigger box with more content”

Pegasus Spiele has announced Bookworm: The Card Game from the team of Michael Palm and Lukas Zach (Bang! The Dice Game). In this 2-8 player remake of the German classic, everyone is out for themselves trying to shed their hand of letter cards. On their turn, a player can play a card then name a word starting with that letter that matches the current category card. Or, if they cannot think of a word, they can change the category card, hopefully making life more difficult for the next player. The first player to empty their hand of cards wins. Bookworm: The Card Game comes with 120 cards and is due to hit stores in April 2020.

And if card games are not for you, Pegasus has also announced Bookworm: The Dice Game from the same designers. In this variant game, 8 rolled dice now determine the letters available. On their turn, players may take a die from the pool or from a player, and name a word starting with the chosen letter that matches the category card. Chosen dice are placed in front of the player, and any players that had a die stolen from them receive a bookworm card in compensation. When the center pool is empty of dice, or if a player cannot come up with a word, the game ends. Each player scores their dice, adds in bookworm cards, and the high score is the victor. Bookworm: The Dice Game comes with 60 cards, 8 dice, and should be available in stores this April.

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