Patchwork Express is movin' on up with Stack'N Stuff

June 10, 2022 - 2:36pm


Like Patchwork Express, but tired of quilts? You're in luck! The upcoming release Stack'n Stuff: A Patchwork Game takes the streamlined version of Spiel awarded Patchwork, and adapts it to the theme of loading a moving truck for your new house. Artist Marianne Waage originally fit Patchwork Express to the moving van theme, and received permission to post her print-and-play on, And now Lookout Games has decided to make the version official, and publish it.

Like prior iterations, Stack'n Stuff is a two-player polyomino game. Each turn, the player behind on the road to the new house chooses one of three available polyomino tiles. Each tile has a loading time, which is how many spaces that player will move forward on the road, and a transportation cost, to be paid in coins. The player will place their selected tile on their 7x7 grid. Some tiles will award coins when placed. The road is sprinkled with coins and single space box tiles, which are awarded to the first player to reach them. After both trucks have reached the new house, the winner will be the player that best packs their truck, leaving the fewest empty spaces, and accumulates the most coins. 

Patchwork Express and Stack'n Stuff both use simpler tiles and a smaller grid than the 9x9 grid in Patchwork. Publisher Lookout Games anticipates a Q4 2022 retail release for Stack'n Stuff: A Patchwork Game. It is designed by Uwe Rosenberg and Marianne Waage, with art by Andy Elkerton