Parks, Trails, now Icebergs

May 28, 2022 - 10:59am

The next game from the designer of PARKS and TRAILS is FLOE, a game that will take one to four players on a heroic journey across the Iceberg Sea. Each turn in FLOE, players will draw action tiles from a shared back or return previously drawn tiles to the bag. The possible actions are activating your hero, sailing your boat, expanding the map, and drawing cards. Movement across the sea is based on the shapes of the ice and water. Over the course of the game, you can level up your hero, upgrade your weapon, construct new buildings, and acquire magic items. Completing challenges will allow you to place your Floe sigils, and the first player to place all of them is the winner. 

FLOE is designed by Henry Audubon. The art is by Andrew Bosley, the artist for Everdell and Tapestry. This is the first title for new publisher PIKA Games, a studio started by Henry Audubon with Everdell designer James and Clarissa Wilson. PIKA projects to launch FLOE on Kickstarter in February 2023.