Paris from Kramer and Kiesling on KS

March 30, 2020 - 9:12pm

Game Brewer has announced Paris, a new game currently funding on Kickstarter from the dynamic duo team of Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer. This euro game powerhouse pair has previously given us such classics as Tikal, Coal Baron, and Porta Nigra. In Paris, players are wealthy real estate investors in the early 20th century, working to transform the titular city into the Paris we know today. Players are certainly looking to make a profit, but also strive to maintain the iconic buildings and landmarks from the French capital of art and romance.  Play starts with the addition of a building to one of the 6 districts in the city, and gaining investment capitol from the banks. Players can then use these funds to invest in the various real estate projects on the board. Bonuses are accrued, and in true engine building fashion can make or break your game. Bonus are collected from the bonus track in one direction only – no going back for missed opportunities. Later in the game, players can even invest in some of the most famous of Parisian landmarks.

Paris comes with a large, unique circular board hosting streets of building spaces. The art, by Andreas Resch, is rich and colorful, and the board jumps from the table. Both standard and deluxe editions of the game are available, with the Deluxe edition containing shaped wooden tiles and tokens. The game comes with 4 player screens, 48 wooden keys, 36 building tiles, 42 bonus tiles, 8 landmark tiles, and coins, along with various tokens, tiles and wooden meeples. The Kickstarter Campaign for Paris continues through April 3, and the game is expected to deliver in October 2020. For more details visit the Kickstarter page here.

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