Paolo Mori brings roll and write Rustling Leaves to English

November 28, 2022 - 12:25am

Master designer Paolo Mori and publisher KOSMOS have announced an English version of Rustling Leaves. The title originally released in Germany as and is a roll-and-write game, spanning four seasons.

The sheet for Rustling Leaves is a 10x10 square grid of various animals and plants. Each turn, one player rolls the custom dice, which range in value from 1 to 4. Then, everyone marks off an area of their sheet whose length and width are equal to the die rolls, and scores all of one object type within that defined space. The bottom of each sheet defines how the different symbols score.

Players continue until they voluntarily stop, having earned as many points as they can. A bust occurs, and incurs penalties, if a player is unable to outline an unused area on their sheet according to the dice. Rustling Leaves is available for purchase now.

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