Pandasaurus Games hopes you'll be howling for The Wolves

August 11, 2022 - 3:21pm

Pandasaurus Games has announced the release of The Wolves by co-designers Ashwin Kamath and Clarence Simpson with artwork by Paulina Linjama. In The Wolves, you are one of five different wolves trying to build the largest, most dominant pack by claiming territory, hunting prey, and bringing in other lone wolves to your group.

On your turn you’re going to choose actions to take and you will also select a terrain location on the modular board in which to perform that action. After the action is complete, you will then flip that tile over, revealing a different type of terrain available for the next round. You can upgrade actions that your pack can take, making them stronger. Scoring happens three times during the game, with the player having the most presence in a territory scoring points.

The Wolves plays 2-5 players, ages 14+, with an estimated playtime of 75 minutes. The Wolves will be available for pre-order on August 22nd and coming to retail on October 26th, 2022.

Where to start? Where to start? Hmm... I like to play games? Yeah, that's brilliant. <delete><delete><delete> I'll try again later.