Pandasaurus Games Announces New Brand

January 2, 2020 - 10:41am

Pandasaurus Games, publisher of hits such as Dinosaur Island and The Mind, have announced a new logo and revamped branding look.  The new logo is the result of feedback from retail store owners and distributors, who had consistently noted that Pandasaurus' previous logo was hard to see and didn't stand out on a shelf.  Pandasaurus worked closely with a local branding firm in Austin, Texas, where Pandasaurus is headquartered, to design a new look and logo that was new and fresh, while still conveying Pandasaurus' dedication to creating inviting, fun games for friends and families to play and create shared memories.  The new logo and color scheme include fun flourishes, such as colors of the 'panda' portions of the logo matching the 'Panda' portion of Pandasaurus' name.  

Of course, Pandasaurus Games promises plenty of gaming news and announcements coming from them in 2020!

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