The OP brings noodle slurping to Yatzee

September 1, 2020 - 10:51pm

Yahtzee Cup Noodles

“The trademark ‘Much More Than a Soup’™ phrase found on every familiar red and yellow container of Cup Noodles™ couldn’t sum up instant fun better, now that you can enjoy your favorite on-the-go ramen in its most irresistible form yet!”

The OP, formerly USAopoly, has announced Yahtzee: Cup Noodles, a new take on Yahtzee (1956): the classic “shake, score and shout”, Edwin S. Lowe’s ancestor to the roll-and-write, the original King of Tokyo. Yahtzee: Cup Noodles comes in the classic red and yellow container made famous by Nissin, and you can almost smell the college staple ramen. Players take turns rolling custom dice showing familiar ingredients Beef, Carrots, Shrimp, Lime, Corn, and Chicken. Yahtzee: Cup Noodles plays nearly any number of players age 8 and up. Yahtzee: Cup Noodles is available now, but heed the standard label warning: “Caution: Competition gets heated!”

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