Oink Games announces Make the Difference

October 25, 2022 - 11:20pm

Publisher Oink Games have announced Make the Difference from the design team of Bodgame, comprised of Moritaro Ohno, Ei Sato, Shotaro Nakajima, Shingo Fujita, and Hiromi Oikawa. If you have ever enjoyed the “what’s the difference” puzzles in magazines with two very, very similar images, you have a good idea what Make the Difference is all about. Players are given a complex line drawing illustration sheet and have to make 5 small changes to the picture. The other players then need to find your differences. However, maximum points will be earned only if your additions are neither too hard nor too easy to find.

Make the Difference comes with 100 illustration sheets, 10 each of 10 different designs. An Expansion Pack provides sheets for a further 6 illustrations. Make the Difference will debut at the Tokyo Game Show held October 29-30, and general release will be on November 11.

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