Oh frabjous day! HeroQuest returns!

September 22, 2020 - 12:47pm

“Deep inside another dimension, face battling barbarians and evil magic on a quest for adventure in a maze of monsters. This is HeroQuest, the fantasy adventure game, where winning means mastering the art of combat and magic. Once you get into it, you'll never be the same.”

Let me bring you back, dear readers, to a simpler time… In 1989, Milton Bradley, in collaboration with Games Workshop, created the iconic game HeroQuest, widely considered one of the foundational RPG, dungeon-crawl board game systems. Designed by Stephen Baker, HeroQuest would take 5 players – 4 characters and one dungeon master – through a beautifully written adventure, fighting evil, exploring dungeons, gaining levels and collecting loot. HeroQuest was known for it’s atmosphere, miniatures and level of detail, and has remained a grail game for many hard core adventurers.

The rights to HeroQuest moved through several corporate hands over the decades, and recently ended up in the property of game giant Hasbro, through the recent acquisition of Avalon Hill Games. Coincidentally, the internet has been teased for more than a week by a website featuring a countdown clock, and this morning the answers were finally revealed. Hasbro is releasing a new version of the HeroQuest Game System through their own Kickstarter-like funding page, Hasbro Pulse. The new game features guest collaborators Teos Abadia, Nikki Dawes, Shauna Nakasone, and the one and only Stephen Baker, who will be designing a bonus quest book.

The new HeroQuest looks like a true homage to the original. Included is board, quest book, DM screen, cards, and everything necessary to play. The 4 major characters, the Elf, Barbarian, Wizard and Dwarf, will make a return. In fact, the base pledge includes 76 miniatures, including heroes, monsters, furniture and décor. A larger, Mythic tier, also includes the two expansion sets Return of the Witch Lord and Kellar’s Keep. As is status quo with funding websites, stretch goals abound. The campaign for HeroQuest continues for 45 days, and will cease on November 6, 2020. No release date is given, but for more information, visit the HeroQuest funding page here.

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