Numerous Board Game Publishers Implementing Smart Tutorials in Their Games

June 28, 2022 - 11:54am

Dized, a digital companion app, helps publishers make their games more accessible to players, and plenty of publishers are jumping on board the Dized train.  Dized was originally funded through Kickstarter in January 2019, and has been progressing and improving ever since. Dized tutorials allow players to skip the rulebook and start playing board games right out of the box. This means players can learn the game as they are playing, a method common to modern video games. 

Recently, several publishers including Gamelyn Games, Mythic Games, and Brain Games have released statements of a larger partnership with Dized.  Tutorials are already available for Tiny Epic Pirates and Tiny Epic Dungeons from Gamelyn Games as well as Super Fantasy Brawl from Mythic Games.  Other titles already available include Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Scythe, 7 Wonders, and Splendor.

Michael Coe, the CEO of Gamelyn Games, has stated, “"We now have Dized tutorials for Tiny Epic Pirates and Tiny Epic Dungeons and they’ve received overwhelmingly positive reception. Dized has made the learning and gaming experience really immersive, and on top of it significantly cut down the amount of support requests we typically get upon a new game release. . .The tutorials really make even the toughest games easy to learn. Everyone in the industry wants to make tabletop games more inclusive, and one of the major aspects of that is to offer an easy and fun way to learn games.”

For more information on the Dized digital companion app and the game tutorials it supports, check out the Dized website.  The app can be viewed online or downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.