No one fates like Gaston

February 15, 2021 - 9:59pm

The latest standalone expansion for Disney Villainous is Despicable Plots. It features Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, and the Horned King from The Black Cauldron. Like all previous content for Disney Villainous, each character has their own player board, objective, two decks, and a 3D figure. Lady Tremaine is trying to marry either Drizella or Anastasia to the prince. The objective of the Horned King is to have Cauldron Born in each location, once the Black Cauldron has been acquired. Gaston must remove all of the obstacles in his deck to prove himself worthy of Belle. 

The two decks for each character consist of a villain deck and a fate deck. Each player board consists of multiple locations with specific action icons. On a player's turn, they move their 3D figure to a different location and take the visible action icons. These actions often involve playing cards from a player's hand, which is drawn from their villain deck. One of the possible actions is to choose an opponent, draw two cards from their fate deck, and play one of them. Action icons can be covered up by cards from the character's fate deck, making that location less useful. 

Disney Villainous: Despicable Plots is designed by Prospero Hall and published by Ravensburger. It is available for pre-order at Target and Amazon, and releases on February 28th.