The next Keyforge set is Mass Mutation

February 3, 2020 - 1:29pm

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the fourth set of Archon decks for Keyforge. Mass Mutation introduces 250 brand new cards, as well as pulling some cards from prior sets. The Mass Mutation set contains modified versions of previous cards. For example, we have Bad Penny changing into Rad Penny and Charette mutating into Snarette. In addition to the callbacks, Mass Mutation introduces a new keyword: enhance. Cards with the enhance keyword add a benefit to another card in your deck, when your deck was printed, so your deck will have a modified version of the card receiving the benefit. This benefit could be gaining an æmber, capturing one æmber, dealing one damage to a creature in play, or drawing a card. 

The other new feature added by Mass Mutation is gigantic creatures. These creatures span two cards, and you need both cards in your hand to be able to play the creature. For a creature to be worth two cards combined, you can bet it is going to pack a punch!

Faction-wise, Mass Mutation marks the return of House Sanctum. Keyforge: Mass Mutation is available for pre-order now, and look for it to hit shelves in Q2 of 2020.