New version of Tiny Epic Galaxies is Blasting Off

August 16, 2020 - 2:16pm

Gamelyn Games has announced Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!, a streamlined reimplementation of the original Tiny Epic Galaxies. Both versions are designed by Scott Almes. 

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a compact game about colonizing planets and advancing your empire. Players roll custom dice designating the actions they can take on their turn. These include gaining one of two different resources (energy and culture), moving their starships to a planet, advancing up a planet's colonization track (there are two types of planets), or leveling up your empire. The first player to reach the end of a planet's colonization track gets to add that planet to their empire. Each planet has a unique special ability that can be triggered by moving to the planet's surface instead of its colonization track, or activated if you have colonized the planet. Whenever a player takes an action, their opponents have the opportunity to follow that action by spending resources. 

Multiple facets of the game have been tweaked for the new version. The planet cards have been redone. Iconography replaces text for each planet's special ability. The two planet types have been renamed to Life and Tech. The colonization track is now vertical instead of orbiting. Similarly, the right side of each player's emipre mat is also vertical, providing a cleaner, easier to read layout. The action dice are now larger, as well as being a vibrant orange instead of black. The number of planet cards has been reduced fromm 40 to 30, and secret missions (hidden scoring objectives) have been eliminated. A first player token has been added. The player count changes from 1 to 5 in the original to 2 to 4 in Blast Off. However, Gamelyn will be releasing free print and play files with a solo mode for Blast Off. 

This is the second re-imagining of Tiny Epic Galaxies. Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies maintains the same gameplay as the original, but compresses the footprint to a deck of cards. Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! is available now.