A New Model Coming from BoardGameTables.com

June 8, 2020 - 3:13pm

BoardGameTables.com is touting a new "affordable" board game table, the Jasper model.  The table has a 3' x 5' playing area, which will seat 6 players, and fit comfortably in most homes.

The Jasper model is available in 3 different colors: dark walnut, natural, and unfinished, although cherry is available through the Kickstarter campaign that the company is currently running.  There are multiple accessories available for the Jasper table, including a topper, wine glass holders, drink holders, side shelves, and chairs to match your table.

You can learn more about the table and its Kickstarter campaign here on the Kickstarter page.  The campaign has around two weeks left and is about halfway to its funding goal.  If you cannot afford to sign up for the Kickstarter campaign now, the table can be ordered through the BoardGameTables.com website here, although the cherry color of the table is only available through the Kickstarter campaign.