New Game of Time Travel ... and Murder

August 11, 2021 - 1:46pm

That Time You Killed Me

Pandasaurus Games has announced a new 2-player only abstract game, That Time You Killed Me.  The game is designed by Peter C. Hayward with artwork provided by Jor Ros.  The game is for ages 10 and up.  It plays in 15-30 minutes.

That Time You Killed Me is a scenario-based narrative game in which the players are time travelers, each of whom is trying to erase the other from history.  The game is played across era boards with each of the players having a copy of themselves in the past, present and future.  In order to win the game, one of the players must have eliminated copies of the other player until only one remains at the end of the active players turn.

That Time You Killed Me details

That Time You Killed Me is currently available for pre-order from the Pandasaurus Games website here.  Should you wish further information, the rulebook is also available to read at that same website.