New edition of 7 Wonders coming in September 2020

August 2, 2020 - 1:12pm

7 Wonders

Repos Productions, which is now owned by Asmodee, has announced a new edition of 7 Wonders. The new edition will arrive this September, ten years after the initial release in 2010.

Multiple elements of the renowned drafting game for two to seven players are getting spruced up. First, the new edition will come in a larger box with new box artwork and logo. Second, the wonder boards are now larger and instead of having an (A) and (B) side with the same artwork, they now have a day side and a night side. Third, the iconography for the cost of each card has been relocated to improve clarity. Fourth, the iconography for chaining (building without paying the production cost) cards has been revised to improve understanding. Finally, the rules have been rewritten to make learning the game easier. The award-winning gameplay designed by Antoine Bauza, remains the same. The announcement did not mention any expansion content, but one would think that will follow in the not too distant future.