A New Dominion App

May 27, 2021 - 10:21am

Temple Gates Games, in collaboration with Rio Grande Games, is bringing Dominion to iOS, Android and Steam.  Dominion, designed by Spiel des Jahres winner Donald X. Vaccarino, defined the deckbuilding genre for board games and a good digital implementation has been lacking.  This new implementation features:

  • Automated scorekeeping, setup and rules enforcement;

  • Jumbo mode for larger text;

  • Turbo mode to zoom through games quickly;

  • Neural net AI for solo play;

  • Async and real-time multiplayer;

  • Pass and play; and,

  • Cross platform compatible.

Temple Gate Games has had good success with its implementations of games such as Race for the Galaxy to digital platforms.  Temple Gates Games is known for including AI that learn in their boardgame apps using neural networks to master complex strategies.   

The base game is being released as free to play, but expansions will be added at launch for between $5-10 USD each.  The game is currently in beta and there is a Dominion Beta Test page set up here if you are curious to give it a try.