Never Bring a Knife – a social deduction game in a heist gone sideways

January 1, 2020 - 7:47pm

It was the perfect crime: a heist of a lifetime where the criminal gang would never be caught or identified.  Suddenly, the hardened criminals discover themselves infiltrated by undercover cops and everything goes sideways.  Never Bring a Knife from Atlas Games is a social deduction game that drops the players right in the middle of a heist gone wrong.  Some players are criminals, others are undercover cops. At the start of the heist, each player only knows one other player’s role, but all the players on a team must survive in order to win the game, so players can not afford to shoot indiscriminately. Each round, players will play a card to protect themselves, get intel on other players, or attack potential enemies.  Players can even spend money to buy information or heal wounds.  If any player has three wounds at the end of the wound, that player falls and the fallen player’s team loses. Never Bring a Knife plays 4-8 players, ages 17+, in 20-30 minutes, and comes with 96 cards. Never Bring a Knife will be available in stores January 17, 2020.

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