Need for Speed: Quicksilver coming to Marvel Champions

October 4, 2020 - 10:50pm

Quicksilver Marvel Champions Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has announced the Quicksilver Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. Quicksilver follows the Protection aspect. His unique ability is that once per phase, after you use one of his basic powers (THW, ATK, or DEF), you can ready him. Pietro Maximoff is Quicksilver's alter ego, and he will help you cycle through your deck by discarding cards from your hand to draw cards. Another new feature in this hero pack is the first non-unique ally in the game, Multiple Man. 

Like the rest of Marvel Champions' content, the Quicksilver Hero Pack is designed by Michael BoggsNate French, and Caleb Grace. The Quicksilver Hero Pack is scheduled to release this December. For more details about the new hero pack, read FFG's announcement