Mythic Games is reprinting the Solomon Kane core box

March 27, 2022 - 4:25pm

Mythic Games is now taking pre-orders for a reprint of the Solomon Kane core box. Solomon Kane is a cooperative narrative adventure game for one to five players based on the stories of Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan). The titular character is a puritan avenger on a crusade to rid the world of corruption in the late 16th century. Players take on the role of Virtues, each with their own special powers, attempting to aid Solomon Kane. Each Virtue has their own deck and custom dice. The enemies are controlled by an AI deck representing The Darkness. The core box encompasses the stories Rattle of Bones, Skulls in the Stars, and Blue Flame of Vengeance. Expansion content covers other selections from Howard's Solomon Kane catalog. The board game brings the story to life through detailed 35mm miniatures. 

The Solomon Kane core box pre-order is avilable on the Mythic Games website. They are scheduled for delivery in Q3 2022. The game is designed by Jake Thornton, with art by Thierry MassonGuillem H. Pongiluppi, and Edgar Skomorowski.