Mythic Games Phoenix Line

January 29, 2020 - 10:45am

Mythic Games, publishers of Mythic Battles: Pantheon and Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, announced a new product series known as the Phoenix Line. These will be games that the publisher feels deserves a new chance in the limelight - previously published games that are selected and co-published for new editions or expansions. These do not have to be miniatures games, mind you, but just games that the publisher deems worthy of the Phoenix Line. The first of this line will be Enchanters: East Quest launching today on Kickstarter, an expansion co-published with Gindi to revive their drafting game Enchanters.

     "As the phoenix symbolizes renewal in general, this was a very natural choice for us in naming the new line. [...[ This year we decided to partner with several publishers in the industry, who have created games that we have played and loved and will incorporate them into our Phoenix Line. We aim to bring these gems to a larger audience, so that more gamers can have the chance to bring them to their table and enjoy them as much as we do."

With this Golden Age of board gaming and the ever-growing catalogue of new ideas and designs, initiatives like the Phoenix Line do become necessary. Some games just don't feel like they get the appropriate buzz, as Mythic Games has felt with Enchanters, and giving them this chance to shine is warranted in this climate. And this revitalization of Enchanters is really something - this crowdfunding campaign isn't just for more cards, but instead gives an opportunity to get the base game, it's expansions, and a few new quality-of-life improvements as well. It's the kind of treatment that any well-loved game deserves, and now that can happen thanks to this co-publishing methodology much to the pleasure of the games' fans. If you're interested in learning more about Enchanters: East Quest, check it out on Kickstarter now where you can see everything new, everything old, all the add-ons, FAQ, and feedback.

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