Mystic Vale, the Big Box

December 21, 2021 - 9:41am

Publisher AEG has announced Mystic Vale: Essential Edition, which packages the base game and the first three expansions into a big box. Mystic Vale is a card-crafting game designed by John D. Clair, first released in 2016. Card-crafting is a mechanism similar to deck-building, except rather than adding and removing cards from their deck, players are adding attributes to the cards in their deck by slotting inserts into card sleeves. Mystic Vale: Essential Edition does not include any gameplay changes. It does have new box art, compared to the original base game. Mystic Vale has eight expansions at this point, so the Essential Edition does not include everything for the game. The expansions it does include are Vale of Magic, Vale of the Wild, and Mana Storm

Mystic Vale: Essential Edition is scheduled to release in March 2022.