Murder Mystery Party Games Reimagined by Renegade Game Studios

May 20, 2021 - 8:07am

Crimes & Capers

Renegade Game Studios has announced the “Crimes & Capers” series, a modern reimagining of the Murder Mystery Party Game.  Thus far, two titles have been announced: Crimes & Capers High School Hijinks and Crimes & Capers Lady Leona’s Last Wishes.  Both games are designed by Juliana Moreno Patel and Ariel Rubin with artwork supplied by Roena Ivana Rosenberger.  Both games play 4-6 players, ages 12 and up, in about 60 minutes.  

The difference in the games is primarily in their respective themes: In High School Hijinks, the players cooperatively work together as 1990s high school age students while in Lady Leona’s Last Wishes, the players are the wealthy as well as their servants, working together attempting to find Lady Leona’s lost treasure.  Both of the games combine the murder mystery party game with escape room style puzzles.

The games are currently available for pre-order via the Renegade Game Studios website here.  The website also contains additional information on the games for those interested.