More ways to play Riftforce in upcoming expansion

October 31, 2021 - 12:00pm

1 More Time Games has announced an upcoming expansion for their dueling card game, Riftforce. In Riftforce Beyond, the play modes expand to include solo mode, 2v1, and 2v2. Eight new guilds will be added to the ten from the base game. While the base game originated through a Kickstarter campaign, the expansion will release directly to retail.

The gameplay of RIftforce sees players draft guilds each centered around a specific element. Each guild has a unique ability card and a deck of numbered cards. This creates variable combinations of abilities each game. Players will then duel across spaces along the line of the rift in the center of the table. Players gain points by holding uncontested spaces where their opponent has no presence or by defeating cards their opponent has played to one of the rift spaces. Each card has a number value and is associated with one of the guilds. On your turn, you can play all the cards from your hand of one guild or one number value to a single rift space or adjacent rift spaces. Alternatively, you can discard a card from your hand and choose to activate the abilities of cards you have played to the rift with the same number as the discarded card or cards you have played to the rift with the same guild as the discarded card. Lastly, you can choose to score any uncontested spaces and replenish your hand of cards.

Like the base game, Riftforce Beyond is designed by Carlo Bortolini, with art by Miguel Coimbra. The German version of the expansion is scheduled to be released in late March or early April 2022, with the English, French, and Spanish versions following soon after. Publisher 1 More Time Games will be teasing out content from the expansion before its release throught their newsleter, which you can subscribe to on their website.